Boiler service in Eastbourne and East Sussex

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Why choose us for your Boiler service in Eastbourne?

1. Experienced – for over 35 years we’ve been carrying out boiler service and heating maintenance in Eastbourne and East Sussex. We’ve worked in every type of property, and repaired, replaced and serviced every type and make of boiler, making diagnosis of faults something you can always rely on us to do.

2. All boiler services are not equal – some companies will rush your boiler service in order to give you a low price. We’ll never sacrifice doing a full and thorough service for the sake of finishing quickly and getting to the next job.

3. Boiler service checklist/findings included with every service and left on site. Not all companies do this, but we think it’s important to let you know what we’ve checked and what we’ve found.

5. Free reminders by post – we’ll always let you know in advance when your service is due and arrange a convenient time and date with you. You can choose to get your boiler service reminder by post or by email, whatever is more convenient for you. We don’t charge extra for postal reminders.

boiler service in Eastbourne

Do I need a boiler service?

It’s easy to think about leaving it another year, however there are some important reasons why you should have an annual boiler service.

1. Maintain your boiler warranty – boiler manufacturers often offer long guarantees but having an annual boiler service is a condition to keep the warranty valid.

2. Safety – Most importantly your boiler must be checked for carbon monoxide leakage. Carbon monoxide is tasteless and odourless yet potentially fatal. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are the same as influenza – dizziness, headaches, breathlessness and nausea therefore this is the primary reason to have an annual boiler service.

3. Long-term savings on repairs – Keeping the boiler in good order and dealing with any minor issues during the service helps prevent the development of more serious problems. This can reduce the overall cost of running your heating system.

Standard Annual Boiler Service

£90 + VAT

Price covers up to 1 hour labour
Boiler service and system check
Yearly reminders
Heatserve Boiler / Heating Cover

£24.83 inc. VATper month

Free boiler service included
No excess to pay
Priority service
Covers boiler, system, radiators, controls

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